“ The mazeBox gives Bentley the possibility to organize workshops for our product portfolio and train not only the upcoming stars within the endovasular society but also those that are already pretty skilled. Everyone wants to get their hands on it and to try it out.

We ship the mazeBox effortlessly across the globe, because it is easy to have it "up and running" without sending an engineer to do the set-up...it is truly a PLUG-and-PLAY device.” 


- Martijn Nugteren, director sales and marketing Bentley Innomed



  • The framework of the mazeBox is machine made from stainless steel. The tablet pad is lined with a unique piece of left-over leather from a local craftsman, and therefore each mazeBox is a unique numbered item. LED lights illuminate the interior. The final assembly is done by hand. 
  • The interchangeable working plates are also made by a local craftsman and serve as a realistic background using patient anatomy. On the working plates any modular anatomy can be build using simple tubing or advanced 3D printing.
  • Each mazeBox comes with a toolbox containing a variety of screws, spacers, clamps and tubing. 
  • The mazeBox dimensions are 40x40x30 cm and the total weight (including tools and working plates) is 18 kilograms.
  • The mazePlate is a mini mazeBox that can be shipped easily for hands-on trainings.