The mazeBox is a tabletop simulator for endovascular training and education. It is a handy but robust tool with top-notch industrial design developed to simulate endovascular tasks and procedures. With the mazeBox 3D movements are converted into 2D imaging allowing training of hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. In the mazeBox operators use their regular devices, such as guidewires and catheters, providing them with the same tactile feedback as in a patient-situation. Because of the simple design, absence of software and realistic feedback, the mazeBox is an affordable and indispensable adjunct to software-based endovascular simulation training. The mazeBox is a plug-and play device that can be used anywhere, from home to skills lab, from office to conference hall.


“ The mazeBox is a creative idea that allows trainees to develop unique tactile and visual skills much needed for endovascular procedures. It is  an essential part of our educational curriculum and a great assessment tool for catheter skills. ”


- Professor Gustavo Oderich, chief of Vascular Surgery University of Texas Health