“ The mazeBox has been an essential part of the European Vascular Course over the last years and I am excited to explore our collaboration towards the development of a European Vascular Curriculum. "


- Professor Michael Jacobs, director of the European Vascular Course


The mazeBox can be used for training of students, trainees or specialists in endovascular techniques and procedures. It has successfully been embedded in (inter)national vascular curriculums and used for home-based and in-hospital training. Vascular trainees love to perform competitions using the mazeBox. The mazeBox combined with advanced 3D anatomical printing is a suitable tool for mission rehearsal of planned patient cases. Finally, the mazeBox is a suitable tool for examination of endovascular skills, both at entry and exit-level. 


The mazeBox has been installed on several vascular conferences to demonstrate the use of novel devices. Medical device companies use the mazeBox to train their product specialists in the use of their own endovascular devices. Moreover, a variety of endovascular workshops have been successfully performed using the mazeBox.

mazeBox Roadshow

In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a significant decline in elective (vascular) cases and left vascular trainees with scarce possibilities to perform endovascular procedures. To preserve their endovascular skills we organized the mazeBox Roadshow in collaboration with the Dutch Society for Vascular Surgery. Three mazeBoxes travelled through the country from one trainee to another, stopping at each trainee's home for four days, and included ten endovascular tasks using a variety of endovascular devices generously provided by medical device companies. In five weeks, we were able to train and educate all interested trainees in the country. We received the most enthusiastic reactions varying from: "My wife now also wants to become a vascular surgeon" to "I have learned more endovascular skills in this week than in my last clinical year"..... Plans for a follow-up Roadshow are in the pipeline.

mazeBox users

  • Dutch Society for Vascular Surgery
  • European Vascular Course
  • Bentley Innomed
  • Merit Medical
  • COOK Medical
  • Gore Medical
  • Mayo Clinic Rochester
  • University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
  • Maastricht University Medical Center

The mazeBox has been used at the following conferences

  • European Vascular Course
  • Charing Cross
  • MAC
  • Critical Issues in Aortic Endografting
  • LINC
  • I-MEET
  • BSET
  • Vaatdagen
  • Vietnamese Vascular Society
  • Taiwanese Vascular Society